2008-07-14 We've got a manager!

Or maybe not, however Sam has been a gentleman and taken upon himself to add us to Now we'll have our major break through for sure... ;)
Apart from that not much has happened, unfortunately.

2007-01-02 The beginning of a new, and hopefully more productive, year.

2006 was a very busy year for Studio Symbios, unfortunately not music related. Our hopes are that 2007 will prove to be a year more dedicated to music, noise and crazy mischief in the studio. Hopefully the release of our newest track, Akilles, won't be the only one this year. Stay tunes(!)...

2006-06-25 Extreme makeover

Martin is working hard att redecorating the studio and Kalle thought it would be best to do the same with the web pages. So here you go. All brand new and polished. The style is kind of coffée inspired, since we like that a lot - it's the primary studio drink.

2006-06-17 Yes, we're still alive...

We know it can sometimes be hard to believe that we are, but it's actually a fact! The studio is in a state of a complete rebuild and a new syntheseizer is even on it's way to join the rest of the collection. Due to work, life and wonderful summer days the pace is not astounding, but things DO happen. At least occasionally...

2005-12-07 Anyone for English?

Today is a good day for all our English speaking fans. We have just released a new christmas track, and we hope you will enjoy it. The original is very well known, but for you non-swedes there might be an unknown melody in the solo. Most swedes will recognize it, and some might even recognize that it's not exactly true to the original.

2005-12-03 Microphone heaven

Kalle bought a new microphone yesterday, and today we put it to the test. And it works beautifully! It's an ADK A51E. For the first time we didn't need to apply noise reduction, loads of EQ and deesser just to compensate for the microphone. You can hear the results in the latest christmas track, Tre buggar. It was used to record the vocals, maraccas, steel wire and kazoo. We also used our less than fully functional Farfisa organ for the very first time.

2005-11-27 A fresh start

Today is the first sunday of advent, and also the first day of our new site layout. This marks a fresh start for us. We have been busy working together on a DVD production, and separately on numerous other things (we think it's called "life"). Therefore, progress has been slow, but now we are beginning to pick up speed. The "Exploring the known" album we finished a long time ago was meant to have been released on CD, but for many reasons we instead decided to remaster the songs and release them online. That work has just begun.

Until that work is finished, we hope you will enjoy the christmas carols we abused. You see, a long time ago, way back in 2003, we had a strange period in which we wrote nerdy lyrics to famous Swedish christmas carols. This year we intend to record them so that you can all sing along with us while sipping on your eggnog. All lyrics so far are in Swedish, so all you foreign fans can either learn by imitation or have an excellent excuse for learning the language we hold so dear. We might release a track in English if we come up with a suitable song to abuse and good ideas for the lyrics.

So far we have released two songs, you can find them to the right, and we plan to release as many as we can before christmas. The first track deals with the joy of a having a small and very cheap keyboard with no line out and making it useful. The second track is a tribute to one of our most boring synthesizers in the studio.

Enjoy. :)

2004-09-24 New logo

Kalle has been playing around in The GIMP making the new logotype you can see above. We hope you like it.

2004-09-08 (updated 2005-11-24) Browser compatibility (was: IE bug)

This page used to look a bit strange in IE. This was because IE has a bug that makes it not show transparency in PNG images of more than 256 colors. We have since redesigned the site and this is no longer a problem, but we still recommend you use a better browser. :) If you want to replace IE with a faster and more functional browser we recommend the Mozilla project browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Camino) or Opera. And there are probably a number of other browsers out there that are just as good. :)
Our personal favorite is Firefox. But of course we try to make this site as universal as possible.

2004-09-02 Finally

The album is completed!
After a long time of twiddling and poking at the songs we finally decided that this was it.
With it comes a new home page and the merging of all different projects. We couldn't keep adding projects for every new song, and found it more and more difficult to categorize our songs within the current projects, so we figured that it was a pretty good indicator that there really only was one category - Studio Symbios.

2004-07-28 Studio make-over

The studio has been almost completely dismantled and turned 90 degrees clockwise.
This will give us more room and better acoustics. Investing in multi cables, new MIDI interfaces, a new computer and some reshaping of one of the walls will hopefully give us a studio even more suited to our needs.