Studio Symbios is a collaboration that started in the summer of 2002. The summer and most of the autumn was spent setting up the actual studio, and after that music was created!

Since spring of 2005 we also do recordings of audio and video professionally.


Studio Symbios consists of Martin and Kalle, both with a history of torturing instruments for quite some time now. Martin was, for instance, keyboard player in a band called Flight 05, while Kalle has mostly been kicking electronic ass at home. His public appearances has been on-stage doing comic theatre (sort of like pantos) and singing opera. Martin is on the other hand more experienced with doing evil things with audio signals, for example those that Kalle produces.

Our main goal is to have fun and if possible make money from it too, so if you need music for something (movie, TV-show, slideshow, game, etc), don't hesitate to contact us.


The setup is somewhat biased towards weirdness, with a desire for high sound quality in mixerboards, soundcards etc and "interesting" behaviour in instruments and effects. The most modern and competent syntheseizer in the setup is our Roland JV-1080, and although it often plays a major part in all our music, it's usually the more "crude" syntheseizers that play the main parts, like the old and usually ill-sounding Yamaha FB-01, the modified Kawai K3m (the ear phones jack is turned into an audio input that feeds the filters with the external signal), the surprisingly competent (but awfully noisy) Casio SK-01, and so on.

Our motto is to not see the limitations but the characteristics of each synth, and thus our wish-list contains pretty few modern instruments since we believe that most of them are plain boring, at least compared to the price tag.

On this site we will continually add releases and updates about our ongoing work.

If you have any special requests, please contact us and we'll see what we can make of it. :)